What Will Be / Safe Planet  2010

Safe Planet was the United Nations Campaign for Responsibility on Hazardous Chemicals and Wastes is the UNEP and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)-led multimedia campaign for ensuring the safety of the environment and human health against toxic chemicals and wastes.


Introduced to Safe Planet by our colleague Jan-Gustav Strandenaes,  Haring Woods was invited to be one of the founding Friends of Safe Planet and we contributed to the creative and strategic development and the arts and cultural elements of this ambitious campaign.


Eileen Haring Woods co-curated 'What Will Be' a major arts led initiative for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP16 in Cancun Mexico, November/December 2009; produced the Oslo segment of the Body Burden film  contributed to the development of the Safe Planet Olympic Athletes project with Stine Hattestad Bratsberg, Norwegian former Olypmic Gold Medal skier.


The Safe Planet campaign gained partners and champions around the world, rapidly propelling the campaign issues into mainstream media, fusing the energy and commitment of international leaders in arts, culture, sports, science, education, business, faith and politics to motivate governments, industry, communities and individuals to respond to the urgent need for action in our interdependent world.


Safe Planet is no longer an active UNEP programme, but a Facebook page is still maintained.