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Persistence of Vision was inspired by my work in the Museum of the Moving Image, London (now closed) where I was a co-ordinator for the pre- cinema exhibitions, and my life long love of cinema.  As a Producer for the Aldeburgh Documentary Festival, 2013, working alongside Festival Director, actress Diana Quick, I took advantage of the opportunity to create new work in the Aldeburgh Beach South Lookout, as a companion piece to the Festival.


The title refers to our ability to perceive still images at moving images when seen at the rate of 24 frames a second, and equally to the persistence of intellectual vision demonstrated by documentary film makers and their commitment to storytelling.


I curated the installation and invited photographer Bill Jackson and artist Michael Woods to extend the reach of the concept.

I produced two new video art works. Blink 1, shown above and EYE-TAKE, Diana (originally titled Blink 2) which was projected on the west facing side of the Lookout tower. EYE TAKE become the inspiration for the ongoing Unique in the Universe project.  Bill Jackson showed a short video work, and two large photographs exploring perception- on show in the middle and top rooms of the tower. Michael was persuaded to design a new thaumatrope, an optical toy which demonstrates the phemonomen of persistence of vision, using one of his trickster characters. Along side this, three of his trickster prints.

POV 1 PERSISTENCE OF VISIONposter1000 Wolf Eye1000 POV mpw_BJ Lookout tower projection DQuick

Persistence of Vision  2013