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Eamonn McCabe

Here and Now  5' 30"

Stephen Wolfenden

Bill Jackson

Peter Everard Smith

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Bill Jackson concept group shot

Here and Now  


A film of five artists becomes five photographs


The invitation to take part in this group show, as part of the Photoeast Festival prompted me to expand on my ongoing project, Unique in the Universe which celebrates our uniqueness and our interdependence through the extraordinary power of connection

we make through our eyes.


Through a one to one engagement process of dialogue and film, I create EYE TAKE’s, short film sequences edited into looped films which create new communities linked by their participation. Often projected outdoors on to buildings, these events in turn create new communities through a shared experience in the democracy of public space.


Here and Now is my interpretation of the Festival’s overall theme “Of Time and Place”.  I have created a new EYE TAKE film of our collaboration, accompanied by five photographs which complete the process of dialogue, film, projection and photography.


As artists who have chosen to work behind the lens, this challenge to be the subjects of the work has generated fascinating discussions about the nature of our individual and shared creative points of view.


The original Unique in the Universe process identified people only by their eyes, with spectators  often unable to recognize close friends and family, but always mesmerized and moved by the intense and complex messages our eyes convey.  


With the Here and Now installation, spectators arrive having been introduced to my four collaborators by their own photographs. Anonymity is replaced by subjectivity.   What do we see when we look?



Eileen Haring Woods

Here and Now