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The Headcase Project

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In 2013, artist Caroline Jones invited me and 11 other artists to make work in response to her bald head- resulting from her treatment for breast cancer.


My work with Caroline, in film and photographs captured her thoughts on feeling as though there was a war raging in her brain. Archive film of London during the blitz was projected on her head and photographer Frank Balbi Hansen and I recorded these sessions.


Four year later, Caroline secured an exhibition space in the HeARTh Gallery at the University Hospital in Llandough, Cardiff, managed by Melanie Wooton.  Headcase was on show to hospital staff, patients and visitors from October 9 - 30 2017.


Fellow artists: Brian Davis, David X Green, Mandee Gage, Frank Balbi Hansen, Michael Moustafi, Keith Van Loen, Annalouise Oakland, Valerio Oliviera, Geraldine Pilgrim, Jane Ripley, Leigh Koh-Peart  and Caroline Jones.  

Headcase 4

Melanie Wooton, Caroline Jones, Eileen Haring Woods

Caroline Jones

Eileen Haring Woods; Surface and Headspace 360

headcase 5 headcase 6

Surface and Headspace 360 film  2'22"  silent