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Fear, Greed and Sex

Fear, greed and sex was developed as new participatory work as a companion piece toSocial Sculpture, Places and Traces of Fear, Greed and Sex show at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout 23-30 September 2012.



Over the weekend of 29-30 September, visitors were invited to consider which of the three choices of fear, greed or sex was the most motivating force for them, at that time, on that day. Having considered the positive and negative connotations of the three words, the volunteers were invited up to the Photo Booth in the Lookout Tower, where the artist's assistant, Michael Woods took their photograph.

For various reason, some visitors elected to be photographed on the beach.

Each volunteer is identified only by their choice.


Volunteers agreed to allow the artist to incorporate their photographs in the printed work and on the project website pages.


The work has been realised as a 3 metre x 1 metre print which is currently on show in the Artists Room, 31 Crag Path, and as a1 metre print in the Lookout.

Major Hope-Cobbold