The Covent Garden Flower Festival  1997 - 2001 was an original concept devised by Eileen Woods and produced by Haring Woods Studio, through our production company, Vantage Productions & Events.


The event included an ambitious programme of new garden designs for city spaces, public art, entertainment, retail promotions and media partnerships, which together generated an amazing amount of tv and print coverage in the UK and around the world.


In year 4, we produced another new concept, as part of the Flower Festival- The Fashion Flowers Roadshow which drew daily crowds of 10,000+ and week long on site coverage from GMTV. In year 5, Fashion Flowers, following its week long stint at Covent Garden, went on a 10 city tour around the UK, with sponsorship from Interflora.



This promotional, commissioned by Interflora film features some of the Festival highlights.

The opening music, from My Fair Lady was part of the BBC footage.


Covent Garden Flower Festival  1997 - 2001

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